Sunday, 26 February 2012


ok maybe i should leave out the FU but

"Is the coffee good?" this question tells me two things about you

ONE being that you perceive me as an employee either because i'm a girl or that i'm youngish or perhaps you're so unfamiliar with small business and entrepreneurship that the fact that i am the owner doesn't even cross your mind  

number TWO is that you've falsely assumed i would be a disloyal employee. one that would lean across the counter and whisper 'don't bother' with a wink.

luckily i am self employed and after an appropriate amount of blank stare, i simply say "Yes"

that's on a good day

"Is the coffee fresh?" ...well you just watched me bound into the trailer to retrieve 4 new pots of coffee like an Oktoberfest barmaid and before i could even transfer them into a thermos you watched me pour 7 cups of piping hot coffee for the people in front of you."DID YOU JUST ASK IF THE COFFEE IS FRESH??" i ask you. staff begin to laugh nervously, everyone in line behind you looks at their feet

i'm sure at this point it all comes to you like one of those pinhole cameras smell the right smell, you see the pot steaming, you hear the grinder grinding and out of the corner of you eye you now even notice the people at the service bar smiling and nodding. but it's too late. you asked

is it because i don't have a giant banner that say FRESH HOT COFFEE?? or coffee bean graphics wrapped around my trailer? Espresso flags flying? logo-ed shirts and matching visor?

i TRULY BELIEVE i have given you all the RIGHT clues though. just look around

whole beans, coffee grinders, espresso grinders, manual espresso machines, cream (not whitener ugh), wooden stir sticks, raw sugar, high quality cups, fresh flowers and antiques.

other questions i've enjoyed over the years;

Is there something special about your coffee?
Should i get a coffee here or at that other place?
Will it be as good as the coffee i had in Italy?

sorry i was so rude



  1. so is the coffee fresh?

  2. LOL....I have been there many times to witness your reaction to this question....each time I want to lean over and say "Oh no you didn't just ask that question???.....BAD IDEA...BAD IDEA.....