Thursday, 16 February 2012


January/February is application time. March, you're too late

so begins my yearly ritual...

all year i collect free calendars. i have a Krug's Meat Market calendar and one from the dollar store of carribean island because it's always best to stay motivated during this process

i begin by filling in all the shows i will never to stop doing until i'm dead and then my kids will take over.
the fear at this point is that 2 of my best shows will overlap. it happens. let's not talk about the leap year

once i can see the glaring holes in the calendar i begin...


finding shows is easy. finding the right shows is a lot harder.

there are 2 types of show.


some but not all of the following may apply

- big rent

- electrial fees btween $25-$500 depending on your needs and the shows

- water fees plumbed in/out by union members only, grey water disposal or just connection fees

- travel expenses

- accomodations this alone is a good reason to be married to you staff or atleast willing to sleep in the same bed.

- competeion

but big shows are BIG! hopefully


again some but not all of these might apply

- smaller fees

- inclusives prices

- close to home, you're not going to travel to a small show an incure the costs

- no staff needed

- exclusivity

but small shows can mean small money. still they can also be less complicated. the bottom line could even be quite good.

the search begins for new shows...

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