Sunday, 19 February 2012

EGGSHELLS of my mind ... in my COFFEE???

so i was thinking about breakfast all in one cup. looked into it and found the following. egg. eggshells too. grind them up and add them to your coffee? 

blow my mind, the eggshell of my mind. 

before we begin please turn to the bottom of the page and start the music. video is just a pic of a garage i assume as an ode to the 'garage band'. bless them all. this is not a song i randomly looked up either. it puts you in a deadhead frame of mind.

help me separate the yolks from my whites

Lutheran Church Basement Egg Coffee

wash the egg. crach over coffee. throw in the shells too
1 cup of medium grind coffee. i had fresh roasted yirgucheffe
add a tbsp of water and make into a paste
add 6 cups or boiling water. boil for 10-15 minutes 

you are supposed to add a cup of cold water at this point
to make grinds and shells settle.
i filtered it instead. had to stir to get it all through

it's very clear. not thin. clear. smooth, red and glossy.
more like tea 


and it tastes like very mild coffee but not weak coffee.
no egg taste

maybe it makes bad coffee good?
maybe it adds protiens?
maybe it reminds you of your scandinavian roots?

a lot of steps and i'm not sure what for...
hope you enjoyed the tunes atleast


"Gazing out my window I can see the snow below,
and it flows into my soul from the eggshell of my mind.
I found a way I could navigate my boat through these troubled waters,
to the shores of Shangri-La.

Eggshells, Eggshells, help me separate my yolks from my whites.

Standing in the phone booth just waiting for the call,
but I don't know who it is or where they are.
Biding my time, in the heart of the purple city,
these bright lights shining in my eyes.

Eggshells, Eggshells, help me separate my yolks from my whites.

So there I was, all alone. Nowhere left to go but down. Only thing on my face was a frown.

Eggshells, Eggshells, help me separate my yolks from my whites."

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  1. I found this song back in 2006, and no one I explained it then, (or now, frankly) ever had any idea what I was talking about. I love that you love it too!!