Saturday, 11 February 2012


when i grow up I want to own a llama farm
when I grow up I want to have a B&B
when I grow up I want to run an antique store, cafe, wool shop
get paid to write travel journals and test video games

or I could own a food truck!

the dream and the reality are many bites apart

take that Llama thing for instance…who knew ‘hoof and mouth’ disease was so catchy. Ostrich meat didn’t catch on, i’ve never tried it…maybe Remy has? i see a bunch/herd/flock?? of them out Peterborough way…or maybe those are Emu

Food Trucks though are AWESOME

step trucks, catering trucks and converted vans are great if you want to pull away every night to restock, refuel and clean. They are perfect for a route or curbside service. Easy to pull into local events and festivals.

I have a reoccurring nightmare of being stuck roadside. down the road customers are lined up …but i just caaaan’t reeeeach themmmmmmm

BUY USED… which seems to be counter intuitive to my nightmare

try Kijiji or Craigslist

BUY NEW if you’re flush with cash

Kitchen on Wheels

start ups cost can be as low as $10 000 and up to $100 000

other options…there are other options 


tradition at it’s best

good for festivals and fairs, events and street locations, great indoors and outdoors in almost all weather, also able to change location at event if need be

downsideZ - limited storage space
                  - lack of security

*trailer hitch is a nice addition to any cart!! This had to be a big issue in the Toronto Al la Cart program… DUH

A la Failure


perfect for festivals and fairs and events, indoor or outdoor, good in almost all weather, super flexible set-up

downsideZ - still need a cargo trailer or van
                  - you are often expected to have a floor at outdoor events
                  - set up time can be a lot

TRAILER with concession window

same as above but when your truck breaks down you can still haul your money maker to the event

downsideZ - tricky to maneuver

*get a removable hitch to save on space and one of those wheel/hitch attachments to maneuver it into tight squeezes


good for festivals, fairs and events, permanent and semi-permanent roadside locations, indoors and outdoors, good in all weather, secure and possibly less $$$ than a Food Truck

downsideZ - there are none.

…nah there’s lots but a DoubleDecker fish & chip truck is a thing of passion. if you convert your 1973 orange VW camper van or need to trip out your Hummer…no one and nothing can bring you down. you’re beautiful

but so are Llamas

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