Friday, 30 March 2012

EVENT REVIEW #1 Mmmmm Agri-Tourism!

do you enjoy day-trips to the country?
do you like outdoor learning experiences?
do you pick-your-own strawberries and cut your own Christmas tree?
are you coming to Elmira tomorrow?

March 31st 2012
yes? then YOU are truly an AGRI-TOURIST!

you're most likely female, 35-50yrs old and have a pretty good income. you enjoy spending time with your 2 or more kids and spouse outside the big city because it's an affordable get away and educational plus you had to go grocery shopping anyway!

here's what you can do...

Eat Pancakes 
$4 single, $5 double
Go on a Sugar Bush Tour 
$5.50 adult, $3.50 child 2-12, 2 & under free
See the Quilt & Craft Show & Sale 
$2 adult each, 12 & under free
Enjoy the Dog Show  
$3 adult/child each, "babes-in-arms" free
Shop at the Antique Show & Sale 
$3 adult/child each, "babes-in-arms" free
Look around the Toy Show & Sale 
F $3, S $2, 12 & under free
Park & Take a Wagon Ride  
$5 per vehicle
Visit Old MacDonald's Farm, too 
$0.50 adult/child each

and of course...

will be the first booth to greet you at the south end of Arthur St.
with piping hot fresh roasted coffee.
OPEN at 6am (ugh)

Thursday, 22 March 2012


DO NOT contact "The Wandering Bean" for your event in Mississauga. they won't be able to make it. parade in Peterborough? nope. too far. outdoor festival to celebrate Canada Day....sorry they're not interested.

that's because....IT"S NOT US!!

there is another wandering bean on the other side of the world!! fair dinkum, mates!! WHAT'S GOING ON HERE??!! 

Aussie Twin? Down Under Doppelganger? 

Let me set you straight...


LOCATION: Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia    
OWNER/OPERATOR: Kellie Lee Vergotis
SET-UPS: Cart and Trailer
On the MENU: 'capucino', flat white, long black, lemon squash

LOCATION: Southern Ontario, Canada   
OWNER/OPERATOR: Jennifer Murray
SET-UPS: Trailer and Van
On the MENU: 'cappuccino',Canadiano, Toronto Fog, lemonade

  •  mobile espresso bars and no retail location 
  • facebook pages with Likes from the other side of the world :)
  • ethically sources coffee and espresso based drinks
  • a family owned and operated small business
  • hopes that someday our children will be employable
  • wonderful and loyal customers
  • wanderlust 
 COLE in Canada and NOAH in Australia

 BROTHERS from another Motherland?

Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Tell me I can't do it. That inspires me.

Starbucks and their many look a counter- inspire me. Thank-you.

1. Atmosphere. quiet and serene.
2. Color scheme. muted with warm.
3. Auditory signature. soft and melodious
4. Lighting. subdued and shadowy
5. Pace. slow and relaxed
6. Product names. foreign and sophisticated 

1. Atmosphere. find us in a field with an airshow overhead. 
2. Color scheme. red, yellow, orange and white with hints of stainless
3. Auditory signature. Stompin Tom to the New York Dolls. funk anyone? 
4. Lighting. the sun 
5. Pace. driven by caffeine
6. Product names. small medium large Canadiano and a Toronto Fog too

It's not a lifestyle, it's just good coffee. 

So go on and wet my paper bag....I dare you!