Wednesday, 18 April 2012


yes. they are real.
EXTRACTS, FLAVOURS and SYRUPS can all be real!
when we started out we made some interesting products to sell along side our coffee. i can't even remember the theme. something about beans. coffee, vanilla, cocoa. who know what we were thinking but one of the first things we produced was vanilla extract. it may have just been an excuse to cross the border for cheap booze. that was the reason we made many decisions back then

8oz vodka, brandy or alcool per vanilla bean and TIME! 

this (sniff sniff) was our first batch. circa 1998  

 commercial extracts are made with propylene glycol or ethyl alcohol which on their own are very dangerous but in theory they burn off when baking and therefore none is consumed. WHA!!? What about the old fashioned vanilla milkshake, the no bake macaroon or maybe you just take a swig every once in a while? use vodka or alcool! even brandy to add flavour
it's really really easy
but if you still want a vat of chemicals or need to dispose of a body under the guise of Christmas baking online ordering is easy at

place bean on the cutting board and grab a very sharp knife
flatten bean out and slice lengthwise with the tip.
 hold one end with your fingertips and pull the knife. 
it takes some practice but you can't really screw it up so don't worry 
flatten out each side with the blade of the knife as you scrape and pull all the seeds to one end  
chop the pod up too, it has tons of flavour as well
add to your vodka, brandy or alcool. cover and store in a cool dry place out of the sunlight for up to forever but at least 4 weeks to get some flavour in your extract

Saturday, 7 April 2012


 I think about bacon drizzled with maple syrup and a black coffee on the side as one of the best flavour combinations so why not try and put them all in one cup?

Not like this mind you 
puttingweirdthingsincoffee blog makes me laugh and he's never quite wrong but I did it  
more like this...

Start with 1lb of fresh roasted
 Ethiopian coffee

lay out the beans out on cheesecloth
make sure they are in a single layer 

COLD SMOKE for 1hr 20 minutes, vent open  
smoke away   
let beans cool
grind, brew and sip 
add maple syrup to sweeten
 wandering bean POP-UP will be sampling at our next event. Keep an eye our for the Woodie
Sale $399.99
Reg. $499.99 / Save 20%

Tuesday, 3 April 2012


   we were topless again!
first time was Queen West Art Crawl
but no one cared
we said it was our environmental initiative to 
reduce waste
really we just forgot to pack the lids.
but in small town Ontario 
they don't like it when you're topless
people tuned away in horror
we only forgot the large so everyone downsized to medium 
it was like saying goodbye to $1 with every cappuccino 
it hurt our bottom line.

but these things happen and you can't let it get you down
we forgot our tent joints once
hate to admit this but the solution was to purchase a 
new tent form Costco 
return it on Monday.
we forgot the tamp a few times 
used the bottom of a stainless espresso tumbler.
forgot the decaf beans a million times. 
sorry no decaf.
forgot medium cups so we just filled the large ones up 3/4 of the way.
often forget the mashmellows. 
who cares. have whipcream
you get the idea

There really was a topless coffee shop though,