Friday, 17 February 2012


"I mean, it's real hard to be free when you are bought and sold in the marketplace." 
- Easy Rider

Larry rides up on an eBike to get coffee... seriously

Larry Dawidowitz was born in Toronto Ontario on February 2nd, 1955. (Ground Hog's Day)

Larry attended Humber College where he studied Package Development and Design, a first time course in Canada brought over from England by David Chesterton. It was a 7 year course crammed into three years. It was a combination of Structural Design and Graphic Arts. Larry Graduated in 1979 and worked as a Graphic Artist and part-time Emcee at a Comedy Club in Toronto. Occasionally he demonstrated products for Steve Rosenberg, Co-Star of Award Winning
National Film Board Documentary "PITCHMAN", Steve hired Larry's Company to help promote products at Trade Shows via Demonstration Sales. Long before Infomercials Larry and a select few promoted products at Major Shows across the country with a Microphone strapped around their necks....

ummm did they say 7yrs? ... dr. DewDad? 

i think i've bought everything but i love the leg sander. really works. plus if you catch them when it's slow they'll give you a touchup during the day    

so next time you're listening to the pitch take a look at what they're drinking and
ask which way to the wandering bean

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