Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Tell me I can't do it. That inspires me.

Starbucks and their many look a counter- inspire me. Thank-you.

1. Atmosphere. quiet and serene.
2. Color scheme. muted with warm.
3. Auditory signature. soft and melodious
4. Lighting. subdued and shadowy
5. Pace. slow and relaxed
6. Product names. foreign and sophisticated 

1. Atmosphere. find us in a field with an airshow overhead. 
2. Color scheme. red, yellow, orange and white with hints of stainless
3. Auditory signature. Stompin Tom to the New York Dolls. funk anyone? 
4. Lighting. the sun 
5. Pace. driven by caffeine
6. Product names. small medium large Canadiano and a Toronto Fog too

It's not a lifestyle, it's just good coffee. 

So go on and wet my paper bag....I dare you!

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