Tuesday, 3 April 2012


   we were topless again!
first time was Queen West Art Crawl
but no one cared
we said it was our environmental initiative to 
reduce waste
really we just forgot to pack the lids.
but in small town Ontario 
they don't like it when you're topless
people tuned away in horror
we only forgot the large so everyone downsized to medium 
it was like saying goodbye to $1 with every cappuccino 
it hurt our bottom line.

but these things happen and you can't let it get you down
we forgot our tent joints once
hate to admit this but the solution was to purchase a 
new tent form Costco 
return it on Monday.
we forgot the tamp a few times 
used the bottom of a stainless espresso tumbler.
forgot the decaf beans a million times. 
sorry no decaf.
forgot medium cups so we just filled the large ones up 3/4 of the way.
often forget the mashmellows. 
who cares. have whipcream
you get the idea

There really was a topless coffee shop though,  

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